University of Sarajevo

The University of Sarajevo is a sizeable and complex organisation carrying out the noble mission of educating able, creative and internationally competent staff in all areas of interest for Bosnia and Herzegovina through teaching and research. Staff are expected to address the challenges of modern economy in the European and global political, economic, social and cultural context. The University is committed to remain an autonomous academic community of teachers, researchers, artists and students incorporated into the international university and academic community and trends.
The University continually invests efforts in strengthening its role as a responsible institution within its social community, and to ensure the role of the recognizable centre for scientific and artistic work, bringing together teams of domestic and international experts and artists around projects relevant to the domestic, regional, and wider social context and environment.
The organization and activities of the University of Sarajevo, as a public higher education institution in the Sarajevo Canton, are prescribed by the Framework Law on Higher Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Law on Higher Education in the Sarajevo Canton and the University’s Statute. The University of Sarajevo is comprised of twenty-five Faculties, three Academies and five research Institutes with the status of full members, internally organized within six Science/Arts Groups from the fields of:

- Social sciences

- Humanities

- Medical sciences

- Natural, mathematical and bio-technical sciences

- Technical sciences

- Arts.

The full University of Sarajevo member institutions are:

Academy of Fine Arts

Academy of Performing Arts

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Islamic Studies

Faculty of Criminalistics Criminology and Security Studies

Faculty of Political Sciences

Faculty of Sports and Physical Education

Faculty of Transport and Communications

Faculty of Health Studies

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Philosophy

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Catholic Theology

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Medicine

Music Academy

Teacher Training College/Faculty of Pedagogy

Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Science (Natural Sciences and Mathematics)

Faculty of Dental Medicine (with Clinics)

Faculty of Forestry Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Institute of History

Institute Oriental Studies

Language Institute

Institute for Genetics and Biotechnology

Institute for Crime Research and International Law

The University of Sarajevo also has one associate member:

Faculty of Administration


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