Student office - general information

+387 (0) 33 729-813
The Student Service of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo performs all administrative tasks related to the admission and enrollment of students, exam applications, issuance and certification of certificates, etc.

Student service activities for student work and lesson planning include:


  • studio information
  • admission of candidates
  • enrollment and student records in the first, second and third cycle of study
  • enrollment and records of students in senior years of study
  • keeping track of applications and taking exams
  • issuance of certificates and other documents
  • application and defense of final papers - diploma papers
  • issuing diplomas
  • transferring from other colleges
  • contacts with alumni and alumni
  • continuation of studies
  • beliefs
  • certification of curriculum
  • duplicate diploma
  • printing
  • complaints
  • various activities


  • engaging teaching staff in the undergraduate, master and postgraduate teaching processes
  • teaching schedule for undergraduate, master and postgraduate studies
  • records of classes held
  • examination terms for all levels of education
  • nostrification and equivalence of diplomas earned abroad
  • NNV decisions as a professional body of the Faculty (application of the curriculum, decisions from the teaching process, assignments of teaching staff for the academic year and other decisions for the teaching process)


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