Developmental educational center for modern technologies in wood industry

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo in cooperation with USAID WHAM and the Federal Employment Service has launched a project called: "Development and Educational Center for Modern Technologies in the Wood Industry" (RECDI).

The focus of the project is specialist education, that is, vocational training aimed at training and retraining adults who are unemployed and workers in the wood sector who need additional training or training in certain technological processes of the wood industry. The training consists of professional and practical knowledge that is realized through modules, the content of which is defined in agreement with the project partners, business entities, and trainees.


Currently, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo is undergoing professional training in the module "Modern furniture design and production technologies", which covers the following thematic units:

Structure and properties of wood and plate materials,
Basics of furniture design and construction,
Production preparation,
Furniture manufacturing technology,
Computer-aided design using software packages: AutoCAD, Solid works, and special wood-based versions of SWOOD,
CNC programming.

Training hours are 240. Classes are held on Fridays in the afternoon and on Saturdays.

After completing the training and passing the test, students will receive a CERTIFICATE issued by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo.

Trainees have the opportunity to introduce themselves to timber companies for their employment.


I expect vocational training to train and retrain unemployed people to gain new knowledge and skills in the timber industry. This training has already helped me to identify and expand my own level of knowledge through extraordinary lectures by professors from the Faculty, both through theory and through advice and personal experiences in working practice. My further expectations are focused on getting more work through practice and examples, and my ultimate training goal is employment.”
Amila Miljković

As a CNC training student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, I want to commend the training I have enrolled. Training vendors are great, with great science and hands-on topics. I think this training program I have enrolled in will greatly help me gain excellent knowledge about CNC machines, the management and programming of CNC machines. I think that after completing the training, I will become competitive in the labor markets and will have the opportunity through this training to do this job and make money in BiH.”
Denis Bilajac

On this occasion, I would like to point out that when I applied to "Vocational Training" I could not assume that the training would be comprehensive, diverse, interesting, and only a month had passed. More intense work and learning is likely to follow. I would also point out that I wish there were more AutoCAD classes or up to two three times a week for one hour of programming. In terms of employment, I am putting all my hopes into this training that should help me find a job.”
Sunita Koristović


More information about the project can be obtained from the project manager prof. dr. Murčo Obućina by e-mail:, or by mobile: 061 135 095.


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