Department of Machinery Production Engineering

Department of Machinery Production Engineering

Basic activities of Manufacturing technology department are education, scientific work, research and international cooperation, as well as cooperation with industry and society in general. Current members of department are seven university professors, three university assistants, five technicians and one tenure professor. Teaching process is realized through several programs at three cycles:

  • Manufacturing technology engineering (First Cycle of Studies);
  • Manufacturing technologies, automatization and robotics (Second Cycle of Studies);
  • Mechatronics in mechanical engineering (Second Cycle of Studies) i
  • Manufacturing technology engineering (Third Cycle of Studies).

Chair Members

Current chairperson:

Group members:

Departmental activity

Services that Manufacturing technology department provides are highly interdisciplinary, and of utmost importance for development of techniques and technologies among several industry branches. Principal tasks include analysis and development of manufacturing processes for different products by means of various technologies, supported by automatization, mechatronics and robotics, while maintaining quality and costs.

Other tasks include numerical simulations, evaluation and analysis of products and manufacturing processes, with focus on optimization and modelling of manufacturing processes by using innovative technologies: CAD-CAM-CAPP-CNC-CAE-FPS-CIM.

To design and manufacture products that are safe to use, department also deals with material science, material degradation, optimisation of material selection, and, in final sense, with quality management system.

Special part of scientific work is experimental research, which is realized through following laboratories:

  • Laboratory for advanced machine and cutting tools- LabSAMiRA;
  • Laboratory for cutting technologies- LaTOOS;
  • Laboratory for mechatronics, robotics and automatization - LAMRA;
  • Welding laboratory 1 & 2- LaZa-1 i LaZa-2;
  • Laboratory for dimensional metrology - LabDiM i
  • Laboratory for material testing.


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