Our mission & vision


Become a prestigious institution of higher education in the field of mechanical engineering in the field of South East Europe by 2025.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo is responsible for educating competent, creative and internationally competent experts in all areas of interest for the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina through the teaching and research process, in order to carry out professional and quality tasks in the context of the modern economy 21st century.

Through lifelong learning, we remain permanently attached to our students. Aware of its role in educating experts who will lead and build the economy and society as a whole, to attaining the highest professional standards through responsibility for the growth and development of the community, we are proud of the profession for our students and a lighthouse for the business community, and the position of our students in business the community is the mirror of our competitiveness.


  1. Professional excellence
  2. Joy of learning and flexibility
  3. Autonomy and stability
  4. Commitment to strategy
  5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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