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The University of Sarajevo, or its members (faculties, institutes, Rectorate) has not elaborated, and in particular has not adopted any strategy for the development and use of the library material it owns. Some faculties use the Slovenian COBISS system as an information base in their work, but the majority of faculties do not have any information system in this regard.

Considering the great importance of libraries in each educational institution, in 2011, the Rectorate of the University of Sarajevo initiated the project of construction and establishment of the library information system of the e-Library UNSA. The project initially involved the libraries of the Rectorate and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, with many other UNSA members showing a very high level of implementation of this system in their libraries as well.

Unfortunately, since 2013, this project has been blocked and is no longer available to colleges.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, meanwhile, continued to work on digitizing its library material using its internal computer system, which was developed as far back as 2001. Recognizing the need to modernize the system in line with modern trends and technologies, in 2016 the Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering made the decision to launch an internal digitization project and information of its library. As a result, in the same year, a modern e-Library information system was developed, which was implemented in October 2016.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering e-Library information system consists of several components, which are implemented in two main modules: public and internal. Through the public module, all teachers, teaching assistants, and especially students can search and access every single publication archived by the faculty in a very transparent and easy way. The technology implemented to search and retrieve the requested information is very similar to the most advanced systems used for this purpose - Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Unlike legacy systems such as COBISS, the new technology is based on a simple user interface that does not burden the user with unnecessarily stating the data needed to filter content. All the complexity and 'intelligence' of the search algorithms of these modern systems takes place in the background, hidden from users who are focused on just one field to enter terms that interest them.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo - Library


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Rada Njegić


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